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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Long Road In The Paddy Rice

Aceh province to record rice production this year as of October 2015 up 27 percent of production throughout 2014.Aceh Province Aceh production data to be published in Aramaic (the numbers forecast) both as much as 2.32 million tons.The number is about 500 thousand tons of our production in 2014. Throughout the year, we are targeting production of Aceh could reach 2.4 million tons," said Lukman told Business in Jakarta, Tuesday, October 20, 2015.Currently the province of the western tip of Indonesia has a total land area of 294 thousand hectares of rice fields and a total acreage of 477 thousand hectares. ,

Field Of Gold The Paddy Rice

The rice production, for example dry milled grain, Aceh has increased significantly, ie 1,402,288 kilograms (kg) in 2008 to 1,556,858 kg in 2009 the equivalent of 863 398 kg of rice or rose 15.28 percent. Thesurplus figures Aceh reached 251 798 tonnes of rice. Currently productive land area of about 65,000 hectares of irrigated with two planting seasons.
Region's largest rice producer in North Aceh with the production of 232,000 tons, 172,000 tons more followed Pidie, Aceh Timur 171,000 tons, 162,000 tons more of Aceh Besar, Bireuen 161,000 tons more.Furthermore, 108,000 tons more Nagan Raya, Aceh Tamiang 100,000 tons, 86,000 tons more Southeast Aceh and South Aceh 59,000 tons.

Paddy Harvest

Aceh province estimates that the production of milled rice (GKG) in the area this year will only reach 2.33 million tons of targeted nationwide reached 2.7 million tons. "The figures were targeted was tough for Aceh, in 2015 will be realized extensive rice harvest in the province covering an area of 467.40 thousand hectares with a predicted total production of as much as 2.33 million tons of paddy rice production in 2015 is estimated to rise by 27.90 percent over 2014 production forecast figures which the fixed (roof) that year 1.8 million ton.pada 2015 the number of harvested area that has realized an area of 294.04 thousand hectares with a total production of 1.47 million tons total spread across the districts / municipalities in the westernmost province of Indonesia.

Paddy Farm In Bireuen District

Bireuen rice needs in 2015, 55 038 tonnes per year, rice production 132 535 tons per year. Consumption of Bireuen population totaling 413 820 people, needs about 133 kg per capita per year. "The need of rice population of about 41.5 percent. Thus, the surplus of about 77 497 tonnes per year, or 58.5 percent,

Friday, April 8, 2016

eagle faith

In the past, Maintaining birds when poor and unsettled maintain bird types kutiliang, guinea fowl etc, With the increasing wealth and social status of the keepers of the bird, the bird species in maintained will also be larger and more costly, sipemelihara birds will maintain a large bird eagle ruler air , maintain hawk look manly and powerful, but it does not fly eagle, eagle was very handsome in the air and the sky we do not hurry eagle in the wild eagle that live wild in our sky