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Friday, April 15, 2016

Save Our Shark

The highest exporter of shark Indonesia supplied approximately 15% of the total needs of the world shark fins, while other countries only around 1% (Stevens et al., 2000). The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded about 434 tons of shark fins are exported throughout 2012. The trade value reached US $ 6 million to reach Rp 57 billion.
global shark populations experiencing a drastic decline due to overfishing for their fins and taken for consumption purposes. In 2012, it is estimated as many as 100 million sharks are caught, mostly just taken their fins alone. It is estimated that every year, Indonesia exported 100 thousand tons of shark fins, or about 15% of the world market demand (Traffic, 2013).

Hunting and Trading of shark fins in Aceh

Sharks in the ocean we are increasingly vulnerable and threatened, the price of shark fins that qualified for expensive foods cause shark rare it is to make the shark more vulnerable in the wild, sharks in the ocean Aceh there are 27 species of sharks, 117Type sharks overall waters of the sea Indonesia, save sharks in Indonesia

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Tetaplah Hijau,Semua Tumbuhan Menjulang tinggi mencari Sinar Matahari (tolerance)..Tetaplah Menghijaukan Bumi