Sunday, April 10, 2016

Field Of Gold The Paddy Rice

The rice production, for example dry milled grain, Aceh has increased significantly, ie 1,402,288 kilograms (kg) in 2008 to 1,556,858 kg in 2009 the equivalent of 863 398 kg of rice or rose 15.28 percent. Thesurplus figures Aceh reached 251 798 tonnes of rice. Currently productive land area of about 65,000 hectares of irrigated with two planting seasons.
Region's largest rice producer in North Aceh with the production of 232,000 tons, 172,000 tons more followed Pidie, Aceh Timur 171,000 tons, 162,000 tons more of Aceh Besar, Bireuen 161,000 tons more.Furthermore, 108,000 tons more Nagan Raya, Aceh Tamiang 100,000 tons, 86,000 tons more Southeast Aceh and South Aceh 59,000 tons.

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